Bio: Right so a little about me and the blog.

I’m a 20 something Dad who fairly recently broke up with the mother of my child. Now don’t all jump to conclusions as a lot of people do. I’m not a deadbeat dad, and refuse to be labelled as such! I love my daughter, and my family (In which I include my daughters mum), and her other kids. Unfortunately we simply did not work as a couple that lived together. Now separated, we are quite literally the best of friends, who help and support each other “go figure”?

I try to spend as much time as possible as I can with my little girl and the other kids, and usually have my daughter over several times in the week and most weekends. The kids are my world, they always have been. That isn’t to say I’m without my flaws, as with most men I can be grumpy, arsey, bad tempered and downright miserable, but then can’t we all? So the idea is to try and become not just a better dad, but a better person along with it.

When I have the kids for any extended periods of time, like over the weekends, or in the holidays etc I find myself scratching my head. I try to think of fun ideas, things to pass the time, things we can do to bring us closer together and things I can help them do by themselves to help them grow as individuals and boost their confidence.

However therein lies the problem, I run out of ideas, I get stressed, they get bored and then it all goes out the window and its game over. I am a great believer in structure (not necessarily strict routine), but structure in whatever is being done.

So really this blog for is for me, and you are just along for the ride. I will be using it as a kind of diary to log good and bad days. I will be adding my ideas for activities, fun play, messy play, bonding and dealing with problems. I will also be looking at others articles and ideas sharing / dissecting and improving things however I can.

So far in this blog, I have covered several main categories. These are all things I consider have helped me be a better Man, Dad, Person. Hopefully these will help you as well. All being well the more activities, games, advise and ideas we share about spending time with our children. Will make us all better parents and people.

If anyone wants to contact me please feel free too. If you see anything you think is good, let me know. You want a different perspective I’m your man. Essentially I want to become a better Dad and Man. This blog is Ground Zero. This blog is where it begins!

The Honest Dad is a post that I felt related quite nicely to the about section.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. You are truly an honorable man. Good for you. I was a single Mom. He didn’t have a real Father figure form age 5 to 9 until we meet my current husband. He was a good influence as he included him and tried to teach him. Thank you. Also I love your picture on this page, do you know who the artist is?

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