The Batpod

Any dads, with kids that want to know a little more about the BatPod – definitely worth a look!


Despite this iconic film (The Dark Knight) coming out nearly 10 years ago, it feels like a film that is as good today as the day it came out.

This for me, is in no part due to the brief appearance of the Batpod. I first saw this (after the film of course) at the MCN motorbike show at the NEC, and this thing is big!


Batman first used the Pod when the Tumbler was irreparably damaged (after the joker fired an RPG at it).

Later it is used by Batman to reach Harvey Dent and / or Rachel Dawes.

The machine was created by Chris Corbould, and was made to feature soley in the film trilogy, (Chris has originally made 6 examples of the Batpod).

The chasis was fit with an intergrated exhaust system,  31″ hoosier racing tyres (these have would usually be used in sprint car races in…

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