Been A while


Firstly apologies…… I have been a busy Dad and to be honest barely had time to sleep let alone update a blog. There are a few new followers which is great!! Gotta be honest for general stuff updates etc, just check out the facebook page. Its a bit of fun and I like to keep things light on there.

So where to begin?

Well like I say I’ve been busy, money has been tight (as it is for everyone) and i’ve been working. Some of you may know I have two jobs to (A) make ends meet and (B) have a little money spare to be able to have some special times with the kids. Unfortunately what with cars problems and the like i’ve been losing money hand over fist, which is more than a little annoying. However one thing that i’ve not stopped it spending time with my daughter and making time count.

If you’ve read the other posts you’ll know that I am a dad that has seperated, so we have my daughter same time week in and out and we are very ammicable and to be honest we’re both very lucky to have each other as the parent of our child. I have my little girl on the weekends and during the week.

during the week my daughter have very little time, I pick her up after work and after we’ve sorted dinner, baths and hair washing / plaiting there is really very little time. I try to make the activities we do have into time we can spend together for example at 5 years old she is now able to help me prepare the veg or salad, cut potatoes, get things from the freezer etc. She also loves to dry up, so we will do that together. Her the cutlery, utensils, bowls (essentially anything not breakable and not dangerous) and me well the rest.

On top of that we have been going out for a simple walk, I cherish these times. It might be round the block, it might be up the park or maybe further. She maybe on her scooter or bike and I walk and we talk about everything and anything that jumps into her amazing mind, I do my best to answer any questions and thank google for the rest of the answers.


Now this is where the fun is at. especially with the weather picking up we’ve really been able to get active. That for me is brilliant! I hate being stuck inside and not having the option to get outside due to pooring down rain or freezing cold. Don’t get me wrong winter doesn’t instantly mean stuck inside, anything but! Though I’m sure you have to agree, given the choice between getting out in the sun and getting some gardening done in the sun OR trudging about in the mud in the rain cold and wet, well lets just say I know what I’d choose.

So recently we have been gardening, something that is well over due and I’m feeling a lot better for sorting out (albeit slowly but surely). This is one of the easiest ways to get something productive done together. Learn about food / nature / life and preservation. I am lucky to have a garden and a green house.

While you may not have one or the other or even either this is NOT an excuse. I feel strongly believe that all kids should be encouraged to grow and nuture their own plants. Be it fruit / veg / salad / herbs or a bog standard house plant. It gives them something to care about, look after and focus on.

These types of things can be grown in grow bags on a balcony, you can set up a cheap window box if you don’t have a balcony or even a windowsil, if its not warm enough you can buy small propogators essentially for less than £10 you can get something you and your child can enjoy together and learn about. If its something that well give you something back (fruit, veg etc) then you can look forward to tasting the spoils together.

if money is that tight (and for some I realise it is), you can always try “free” groups on things such as facebook. Never let your faith in humanity diminish, and don’t let your pride get in the way of something that will be great for your child and you. I on regular occasions have accepted “gifts” from free sites, and I like to take the edge of by trying to “pay it forward” if you like and give things back to others for free where-ever possible.

I see that this post has been a bit of a ramble and not really of any solid foundation. I suppose the message is once again, time and money maybe short, though you have to make time for your kids in whatever you do! but that doesn’t necesarily mean that it has to cost you great sums of money


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