Some people are so poor

Some People Are So Poor All They Have Is Money

So I came across this images today, and at first I was like “meh, it is what it is”. However it got me thinking………

As Dads (and mums) we are the wealthiest people alive, and sometimes I think we forget about this. We go out, we work all day and night in some cases to come back and provide for our families and the people we care about in our lives.

We try our best to give our kids “all the things we never had”, but stop! Aren’t we missing a beat? As a child we weren’t the richest family and by a long shot we weren’t the poorest. There were kids considerably worse off than us that had next to nothing in terms of posession. In the same breath some of my friends did have and still do have considerably more than me.

Though looking back I was never really left “wanting” for anything. I had all I needed in my life and sure there was the odd toy that I really wanted but never got, or the odd treat that I saw that I couldn’t afford but when I look back to my childhood, I remember happy simple times and I want to give that to my kids, because at the end of the day that is what they will remember.

Even now as an adult, I do my best to provide for my family and work my arse off to acheive it. To be able to buy the latest telly, when the old one looks fine. To get a new phone, because “I need to have the most upto date model”. To be able to buy the brand new games console “to entertain myself, when I FINALLY get some time to myself”.

However, all these things we buy to help entertain us, because we think that is what we need, because we’re told and brainwashed day in day out, to “get this” or “buy that”, we simply now do it because its became habit. This dawn on me when I was playing with my little one the other day, we were simply colouring pictures and playing with them on the carpet.

I’d draw a man, she drew a sheep, now we’re playing farms.

She drew a car, I drew a car, now we’re racing.

We went on like this for over an hour, and if it wasn’t for the fact that somebody had to cook dinner (and I was the the only one closely qualified to doing it, out of me and her) that we had to stop and get some grub. Looking back we were laughing and joking, entertaining each other and having lots of fun.

I didnt need my computer, she didn’t need her Toys. We simply had each other and our imaginations……..more hers if I’m honest!

Now I’m not trying to suggest, or be stupid enough to think that this is going to entertain her or me for the next 10 years. I’m certainly not stupid enough to think that this is the end of christmas lists and birthday presents, but what I do think, and this is the important part…….

In that hour we both had all we needed to relax each other, cheer each other up, calm each other down and bond. Being silly with your kids is something you’ll only be able to do for a short while. I felt like the most wanted Dad in the world, and had no need for anything else. I felt truely wealthy and I had no money at all! 

Wealth is in Family and Friends NOT possesions and things! Once again my little one has shown me that “The play is in the Child, not the toy”.

All the best Dads


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