What I want for you in the future


I came across this online, and I didn’t think that much of it at the time. I put it on my page online the other day, as I thought it was fairly clever and made sense. Then it started playing on my mind about how I / We / Society raise our children, and what we then expect them to act like when they are older.

For example and similarly to this, I read an article about taking kids to the theatre. The article pretty much was based on a man and his friend. They spoke about taking their kids to the theatre, one man said they’d been taking them their child to the theatre since he was two, while the other did not want to take his, until he was older. This was to save the embarrassment on his part for dealing with a noisy child in the theatre and argued taking them when they were older would resolve this. The other mans argument was that how the hell was his child meant to learn how to deal in different social circumstances.

I can see both arguments, however I am now leaning towards putting my child in the situation earlier to learn how to deal with it. This to me is making much more sense and I will be able to help and guide them through whatever situation maybe.

Now back to the poster, I do not want to raise a child who blindly follows authority and never questions why. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is important to teach our children morals and values. However I think it is obvious that what is right isn’t always legal & what is legal isn’t always right. Case in point the trials and tribulations of the late Nelson Mandela.

With all this in mind I have decided (I realise that this is nuts, and is going to make parenting a lot harder) that I will be actively encouraging my little ones to ask “WHY” to question what is being asked of them, for two reasons: –

  1. I think it is important that they get into the habit of either figuring out for themselves why they are doing what is being asked of them or asking why.
  2. This will also mean that I need to have a reason to ask them to do something, and will encourage me to be more active and thoughtful in what I am asking.

I have no doubt that in some situations that this will bite me in the ass, however I think for the most part this will strengthen their resolve and encourage and inquisitive nature. I want my kids to know what they are doing and why, that way they can make good choices based on the moral compass their mother and I am currently installing in them. Hopefully meaning that they are sure of what they are doing and making them happier with the choices they have made.

Am I crazy? Yeah maybe! But parenting is about doing what is best for your children and I think that while it maybe difficult in the beginning while boundaries and adjustments are made, in the long run will allow them to be stronger willed and more independent.

cheers all DDT out 🙂


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