DECEMBER is finally HERE!!!!

Even though the Christmas run up seems to start earlier and earlier every year. It is actually December NOW! to be honest and truth be told this post should have been up yesterday. However Daddy was getting a bit festive yesterday and quite frankly the blog wasn’t on the cards.

So what am I doing this festive season, well as I liked the Advent Calendar idea so much, I have started this I read the first book last night to my littlun and it went down a storm. Christmassy Daddy and child. So we are onto a winner with that I think, however I only have 5 books right now so really need to get the rest sorted as soon as possible.

As this is the first real Christmas since me and my Ex partner split, I want to make this really special but obviously being on a budget it makes things tougher. However there are obviously things we can do to keep Christmas special on a budget, I also want to try and bring this back to basics as well. By that I mean bring back the “meaning” of Christmas.

While I’m still going to get some gifts, I don’t want make it about the gifts. I am going to do my best to spend as much time “Doing” with my little warrior as I can. Whether that be arts and crafts, making Christmassy decorations, watching a Christmassy film, reading a book, opening the advent calendar or anything. I am making the effort and making a stand. I will refuse for this month to be “too tired” or grumpy. If I can do it for a month who knows I may be able to keep it up lol.

I think we forget for the most part kids are not really fussed by how much things cost, especially when most of them have no comprehension of money. We are the retail snobs, and I think we end up pushing this onto our kids.

I am starting to realise this more and more, my little one is happier spending time with me. Rather than me having to actually spend any massive amount on a ridiculously over priced toy. I think it’s something we all know but maybe forget, maybe it’s easier sometimes to buy something that will keep them occupied rather than occupy them ourselves. Maybe sometimes as parents we are insecure in that we have the ability to occupy them. WHATEVER the reason is, the more time I spend doing something the more I want to do.  Our kids are amazing beings and I think we sometimes forget this.

Over the next few days I will be updating with some festive activities, however for now, have a great time, have a little mulled wine, and regardless of being broke……..Let’s enjoy the festivities together

Pillow Snowman



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